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Finland – the home of world-class education *

Finland has a reputation of being an education powerhouse, with a long track record at the top of world rankings, and proven results (OECD’s PISA rankings among others).

Its excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and its innovative approach to teaching and learning. This combination supports the creation of excellent curricula and first-rate learning environments and processes.

Do you want to enter the powerhouse? Now you can.

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Teacher Academy Finland

Teacher utalogo350px_en Academy Finland (TAF) is a high-caliber further education program specifically designed for educators trained outside of Finland. Held in Tampere, Finland, this diverse and comprehensive program lasts 5 months. Next program starts in August 2018.
Teacher Academy Finland is organized in co-operation with the University of Tampere / The School of Information Sciences.

Who is this for?

The program is meant for those teachers and teacher students who want to learn more about a world-class educational system.

The Teacher Academy is an opportunity for further education, support and inspiration to international teaching professionals as well as those studying to be teachers. The program is based on the Finnish education mindset and practices. We encourage participants to reflect on their own teaching concepts and methods, and to then adapt Finnish ideas to their own cultures and contexts. Graduates of Teacher Academy Finland become progressive teachers and education leaders.

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Our promise

Teacher Academy Finland will give participants a unique opportunity to develop their professional skills as teachers. After completing the Teacher Academy’s program, participants will be able to raise the quality of teaching and learning in their schools to a whole new level.

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Teacher Academy Finland on Facebook

Teacher Academy Finland on Facebook


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