Part of curriculum reform: how to develop special education and counseling in Finnish schools?

Want to know more about curriculum reform? This workshop organized by Juha Lahtinen Learning Scoop focuses on the curriculum reform in Finland (OPS2016). It means the change of some fundamental paradigmas in teaching and learning. It challenges the teachers and whole school staff to rethink the education especially in the field of special education and counseling. The base principle is to integrate all the pupils in basic education by supporting them by their individual needs.

In the national core curriculum, these perspectives are considered for all dimensions (objectives, content and practices): Building on strengths, Sustainable future as an objective, Equality in all areas of education, Meeting pupils’ needs and supporting wellbeing and other prerequisites for learning, Coherence and consistency of basic education, learning continuums, International aspects and global responsibility, Awareness of languages and cultures, regarding them as richness, Technological change, working with knowledge, Challenges for broad-based, multimodal literacy (National Board of Education).

Broad-based competences in the core curriculum are:

-Thinking and learning • Cultural competence, interaction and expression
-Looking after oneself, managing daily activities, safety • Multiliteracy
-ICT competence • Competence required for working life and entrepreneurship
-Participation, empowerment and responsibility. (Curriculum 2016)

During the workshop we will focus on questions like: What will education for all mean in the future? What are the competences for future, what kind of skills will teachers and other school staff need to be able to promote the learning for future. What kind of standards we will need? What kind of guidance and support teachers need to succeed? How to take care pupil´s welfare services, guidance and counseling. Workshop takes place on Wednesday 27th of April 1.30-3 pm.