Study Visits – Bring on flexibility!

Flexibility is one of the core words of Finnish education. At the Study Visits during Bright Education for All INEPS Congress you will have great possibility to see what it means in practice.

To ensure flexible start with formal learning, early childhood education, pre-primary and primary school, people need to work together like in Tampere Kalkunvuori daycare and school – they really know how to do it! During students´ teenager years they have to make big decisions about their future. It is not always easy at all. Our JOPO classes (flexible comprehensive education) have found solutions and practices to help in this process. We visit JOPO classes in Lempäälä and Tampere cities. NGO Silta has also very interesting ways to help youngsters to find their way.

There has been very good results when students have been given more freedom and responsibility in a new kind of learning environment like Proakatemia and Demola. These places are about learning, business and co-creation.

And there are so many other interesting visits available! Welcome to Bright Education for All Study Visits on Friday April 29th – step in!