From Finland to USA – reflections of Early Childhood Education and Care Study Tour

Feedback to Daycare teachers

Hello from USA,

I want to take a moment to thank all of the Learning Scoop staff and teachers in the schools for a phenomenal Early Childhood Education and Care Study Tour week in Tampere, Finland! Most schools in the USA are trying to push children to learn earlier and faster, in a timetable that is not respectful of their development. Although I teach at a progressive, private school in New York City, we too feel the pressure.

In Finland, the thoughtful and empathic methods employed by the very dedicated, serious, and kind teachers are truly inspiring. Hearing from the Learning Scoop professionals during the lectures and then seeing it all in practice was priceless. I share the pedagogical tenets of your program and, upon my return to the USA, I hope to share all of the information I learned with my colleagues. Perhaps we can start an educational revolution there to design programs that honour the work of young children and keep play central in their lives.

Thank you again!

Deborah Reilly


Study Tour timetable