Meet Our Partner: Towa Overseas Study Center – “Go Study” empowers future leaders

Towa Overseas Study Center, the visionary behind the “Go Study” initiative, firmly believes that school visits in a foreign country will inspire and offer professionals in the education field (whether teachers, principals or administrators) a different perspective on best practices around the world, fostering educational development and pedagogical leadership.

The “Go Study” initiative offers different overseas study programs around the world that strive to:
1) create an international community for all stakeholders to exchange ideas bring better education back home
2) eliminate the stress and time of having to find the right contacts and program so that the participants can devote all their time and attention to their studies and learning. We simply let the educators do what they do best.

We are confident that inclusive and quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable society for our future.

In the “Go Study” Finland series, Towa Overseas Study Center is excited to partner with Learning Scoops as their sole educational representative in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Southern China. The education in Finland has been consistently ranked highly by various international organizations such as, World Economic Forum, The Education Index and OECD, and we believe there is much to learn from this beautiful country. While there is not a “one system fits all”, our participants will be able to join an international community of elite Finnish educators and exchange valuable insights in learning and teaching.