Adventure Day Camps for Children – Partnership with Adventure Apes!

Learning Scoop is happy to launch collaboration with Adventure Apes. It means that our study tour participants can now visit Finland with their kids!

Adventure Apes offers tailor-made adventure camps with a focus on connecting learning to the physical world. Nature becomes the classroom promoting exploration, discovery and sparking curiosity about the natural world.

This learning adventure is designed as a unique educational tour for parents and their children. During the day, parents set off to learn all about the Finnish Education System during a study tour with the team at Learning Scoop. Meanwhile, the children will explore the city, arts, history and science through hands-on learning experiences. In the evening, parents and children come back together for some freetime to explore and tell stories about their day.

Like Learning Scoop Study Tours, Adventure Apes’ adventure camps have been awarded among the Best Authentic Finnish Travel Products.

Read more about the Adventure Day Camp. Got excited?

The next camp for children will be arranged in August 17th-21st, 2020 (Basic Education K-9 Study Tour) in Tampere, Finland.