Shared passion – the best passion

Last week we were privileged to have Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour participants in Finland with us to explore the miracle around Finnish education success story. All the talented teachers and educators were passionate about developing their school communities, every day lessons and themselves as teachers. Many of them were interested in PBL: Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Phenomenon Based Learning… (to name but a few). Sometimes it is hard to define what those actually mean if you don´t see them happening in practice. One thing you surely will remember about PBL is passion. One needs to have it if one wants to accomplish something meaningful. And when you can share it with your global colleagues that´s even more rewarding. Sharing is caring.
Shall we add one more idea on top of all PBL´s? Passion Based Learning

On behalf of team Learning Scoop we would like to thank our wonderful attendees from New Zealand, India, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. Passion is hot and so was the exceptional summer weather in May in Finland. Next similar tour takes place in August right after summer holidays here in the Nordics.