Finnish Nature Experience

While in Tampere why not to forget the urban nature for an evening? We recommend to get energized in Finnish forest! Our Study Tour visitors enjoy Finnish Nature Experience, which is a guided evening spent in Finnish nature. We provide the experience together with our partner Seventen Tours.

Let the fun begin!

Team building and making new friends is so important! In this hands-on activity you will first build a fire without matches as a team. Fire making in a traditional way using only a fire steel is not an easy task and requires a lot of teamwork and strategic planning.

When you have first made the fire it is time to start cooking a delicious meal around an open fire for the whole group. Sustainability is something we take for granted in Finland and also in this activity we use only pure local ingredients to prepare a creamy fish or vegetarian soup. We do not use single use plastics but environment friendly long lasting plates, mugs and cutlery which are not only ecological also beautiful and easy to use.

For dessert we enjoy a berry crumble on an open fire. This is the time to chat with your new friends and sharing this moment around the campfire is something to remember for a long time.

After the delicious dinner it is time to participate in Nature Bingo in pairs or in small teams. Enjoy the silence and do some observations! Before heading back we will do some Forest Mind activities.

In a nutshell, what to expect?

• A safe, guided evening spent with your old and new colleagues outdoors
• You will learn about the Finnish flora and fauna – have you ever tried Nature Bingo?
• A delicious dinner cooked on open fire
• Glimpse of Finnish culture and way of living close to the nature
• Relaxed mind

Together with our partner Seventen Tours we are happy to offer a one-of-a-kind chance Finnish Nature Experience to explore Finnish forest, nature and try open fire cooking.

Greetings from Patrick, our Finnish Nature Experience host:

“Hi! I am Patrick from Seventen Tours which specializes in tailor made nature tours throughout Finland. Having a background in cooking makes a nice combination for nature tours. I have recently acquired the Forest Mind guiding knowledge which adds a nice extra element of relaxation to the tours.”

Warmly welcome!