All Bright! – Education Promoting Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and education – The keys to success and well-being.

In order to succeed, society and business life need self-imposed, enterprising networkers. Activity, positivity, enterprise, and collaboration add value to the well-being of societies and individuals, and create a basis for blooming business.


The Finnish education system has achieved excellent results in international evaluations in the abovementioned areas.

The Finnish educational organizations have also developed innovative solutions for enabling entrepreneurship in education.

Scope: The courses last from 3 to 8 days and include visits to Finnish educational organizations and work places, and they offer the possibility to experience Finnish entrepreneurship education first-hand. The courses will be tailored to suit the needs of each client.

Objectives: To present innovative Finnish solutions enabling entrepreneurship in all levels of education.

Target groups: Entrepreneurship and education training are targeted to authorities in charge of developing education, managers of educational organizations and teachers interested in entrepreneurship education.


We offer international client training and study visits on the following subjects:


”Enabling entrepreneurship in basic education – Pedagogical methods and ideas for cultivating active attitude and curiosity”

  • How is the enabling of entrepreneurship developed in basic education?
    • Encouraging the inner entrepreneur
    • Education techniques advancing activity, self-guidance, and teamwork
    • Games and projects developing enabling of entrepreneurship
    • My City – innovative surroundings for children to learn entrepreneurship


“To give freedom and responsibility – Secondary education and entrepreneurship”

  • Enabling entrepreneurship in Finnish secondary schools
  • Entrepreneurship-like studies: examples from Finnish vocational training
  • Entrepreneurship as part of vocational training: examples from Finnish vocational training
  • Pedagogical innovations in vocational training of entrepreneurship education


“Innovation and development – Entrepreneurship in higher education”

  • Entrepreneurship as part of higher education studies
    • Innovative study surroundings and pedagogical innovations in university-level entrepreneurship studies
    • Co-operative companies and entrepreneurial spirit in higher education
    • Innovation cooperation between educational organizations and businesses