Students are risk takers, let them explore!

What a wonderful group by Tours for Teachers we had last week! Teachers, educators and principals from Australia were really active and made some great reflection of the similarities and differences between these two education systems and approaches. Thank you everyone for a memorable week together exploring Finnish Education, we enjoyed every minute with you!
Here are some highlights, aha! moments and takeaways:
-Inspiring learning environments and utilization of the forest, connection to nature.
 -Introducing woodwork to boost maker culture and thereby encouraging girls to get interested in STEAM subjects
-Sustainability as an everyday school life component
-Students are risk takers, let them explore!
-Rule of thumb: as long as you can see the school house, you can roam around in the nearby forest.
-Holistic approach, recess and lots of hands-on learning
-Finland is the world’s happiest country, what does that mean in practice? It means that people are satisfied with what they have and make the most out of it!
-Let kids be kids and there is no need to push them with academic tasks.
-Forms of support and how the children and family are supported from an early age (maternity package, parental leave, etc.) and investment in the early years
-The opportunity offered by Finnish society to practice one’s own religion and maintain cultural practices.
Look at these kids playing in the giant puddle from the melting snow! So much fun!
Hats off to the local schools and teachers, our experts and hosts, Sevententours for the Finnish Nature Experience, local public sauna for Finnish Sauna Experience and Ice Swimming, restaurants, hotels and everyone involved!  Thank you teachers, educators and principals for taking part of Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour by Learning Scoop – it was our joy to learn from you and make memories that will last!
Let the journey continue next week…Principals from New Zealand, warmly welcome to our Principal Study Tour!