School for all – Inclusion and Integration

Inclusion means that all students go school together and a common teaching programme is designed according to each student’s personal requirements.

This way, every student has the chance to feel that they are an accepted and appreciated member of their school’s community.

The move towards inclusive education for all in Finland has been carried out in 3 phases.  The first is that all children are required by law to go to school. The second phase is the integration of special needs children into regular local schools. This has reduced the need for special education. The final phase includes the blending of common and special education classes together to create an inclusive school.

Inclusion is not a final state; it is the continuous enterprise of removing barriers and increasing access in both schools and in society at large.

Learning Scoop can provide an inclusive and tailored training program about inclusion and integration principles in Finland’s education system.


Programme contents:

  • Presentation of guiding principles to the provision of support
    • general support
    • intensified support
    • special support
  • Pedagogical assessment for intensified support
  • Pedagogical statement for special support
  • Examples of integration and inclusion in practice
  • Collaborative teaching
    • values and attitude
    • understanding the diversity
    • special education teachers
    • qualifications and teacher training
    • on- the- job training


Scope: Training on teaching methods can be from 1 day to 2 weeks. The courses will be tailored to suit the needs of each customer.

Objectives: The goal of the training is to introduce Finnish special education, the principles of inclusion and integration, and to explain how these are implemented in practice in Finnish schools.

Target group: This course is aimed at any educational professional interested in integration and equal education.

Training methods: The module consists of lectures, group discussions, demonstrations and exercises. The teaching and learning methods used in this module are the same kind of methods that are widely used in the Finnish education system including different kinds of active and co-operative methods.