After some days in Finland, normally about 3 days, we start to talk with foreign teachers and education developers about TRUST. Trust is built in our systems. It is very important part of our culture. We trust our children, teachers and principals. Teachers trust their students and students their teachers. Principal trusts and respects his/her teacher etc. We have had no school inspectors and no need for them in the future either.

Trust“How to build trust at school? What should be done at first?”, Brazilian teachers asked us. That is very interesting question and we are going to study it further together. Our practices as such cannot be transferred to another culture, but we can learn so much from each other’s.

What would be the first steps in a classroom to build trust? How principal expresses trust in his/her work?
We have some ideas on it, but we need to carry on discussing. Join us.

Confidentially yours,