Meet Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Julia Rigal

It´s our pure delight to present Julia the Ambassador of Learning to our network. Her personal aim is to promote Tampere as an education hub and to help bring this expertise to other countries.

tampere-all-bright-logo“For the past seven years, my professional life has been all about education: Back in Austria (and partly in Germany), I worked in fields like textbook publishing and teacher training and I myself am a trained peer-tutor and writing instructor. Now that I live in Finland, a country with a highly regarded education system, I want to help promote this expertise abroad, e. g. by supporting companies which offer teacher training, e-learning solutions etc. in their education export activities. Professionally, I am inspired by the vision of Tampere as a brain hub, an education hub. I want to help spread the word about education from Finland and what a friend of mine calls „the human side of innovation“, made in Tampere.” Read the whole article here.

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