Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi visiting Finland

steiner-koulullaThank you Mr. Manish Sisodia,Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi for visiting Finland. We had a great chance to introduce Finnish Education system both in theory and in practice. Partnership Director of Learning Scoop Ms. Elina Harju joined the delegation and explained crucial points of Education policy and teacherś role in Finland.

To wrap things up Delhi government can learn a lot about education from Manish Sisodiaś Finland tour.

“In Finland with a focus on achieving equity and social cohesion, they changed their curricula over a sustained period of time, to keep all children in government schools (hardly any private schools there) — learning in mixed ability groups. Separating into academic or vocational tracks is delayed till after they are 16. Without any label or stigma attached, nearly half the children get special support (not “remedial” teaching for the “weak”) by the time they finish elementary school. Students are given freedom and are invested with motivation to learn, which shows in all of them performing at high levels. Teachers are rigorously trained and recruited (the best graduates opt to be teachers), and are given autonomy, trust and respect in the system. We eagerly look forward to some of these Finnish lessons to help improve our schools.”

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Group photo

Many thanks for CCE Finland once again for smooth collaboration.

Looking forward to next steps!