Action-based Learning Methods

Methods for Improving Learning

The action-based learning approach emphasizes the activity of the learner. Its core principles include the requirement that learning should be based on hands-on experiments and activities.

The idea behind action-based learning is the principle that learners are active agents rather than passive recipients of information.


Programme contents:

  • What is action-based learning?
  • Why is engaging the learner in action so important?
  • Promoting learner activity
  • Different kinds of action-based learning methods
    • activating thinking
    • art promoting learning
    • drama methods
    • project learning
    • creativity, for instance: stories, writing
    • group-based learning methods, for instance: sociometry, cooperative methods
    • pedagogical games and exercises


Training methods:

The training is highly practical. There are lectures, group discussions and different kinds of action-based learning exercises. Many of the action-based learning methods presented will be practiced. This way, participants get concrete experiences of the action-based learning methods.


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