Underlying Phenomena of Productive Learning

Today, “teach doesn`t touch” has become a political refrain for teachers.

In many schools, teachers teach their student’s heads but don’t touch their hearts. In Productive Learning, the situation is quite opposite, where “to teach” means “to touch”. Teachers touch pedagogically their students as such, with his or her being and mind, and teach them as who they are and what they are. All this requires radical changes in the process of education.

In this workshop, we will analyze the underlying phenomena of Productive Learning, namely: pedagogical self-expression, the turning-point in professional identity, developing of the student to become the learner, “earthing” pedagogical expectations, and confrontation with reality.

You are kindly invited to attend this workshop by the representatives from Lithuania, where Productive Learning has being successfully implemented since 2012. This invitation is extended by dr. Auksė Petruškevičiūtė from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and Simona Plienaitytė from the Education Supply Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science. You are welcome to hear more on April 27th 2016, Wednesday, at 11.00 am.