Proakatemia – higher education of the future: team work, learning by doing and entrepreneurial attitude

Employers expect their new hires to have teamwork experience and skills, to be independent, capable of self‐initiative and to have an entrepreneurial mindset. These are the requirements that many young graduates face when they attempt to break in to the working life after finishing their studies.

Proakatemia in Tampere University of Applied Sciences is an academy of new knowledge and expertise where studying and learning happens in team companies. A Proakatemia graduate goes through a process that builds in him or her an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for lifelong learning and an ability to reach for one’s own dreams and personal mastery via learning by doing. Real customers and team peers act as a grading scale.

In this workshop you’ll learn how these competences in demand can be acquired in less than four years of university studies within Proakatemia and how the learning environment and methods bring forth unique learning experiences.

Maria Ruokonen, Less Miserables Thursday 28.4. at 1-2:30 pm on stage, join along in INEPS Congress!