Productive Learning (PL) for Newcomers

Productive Learning is an educational form that combines learning in school and learning at self-chosen practice sites. It was inspired by the City-As-School New York and developed in the framework of a developmental project with partners from ten countries starting in the 1990th.  In Germany the model is used in about 100 schools in seven states. The International Network of Productive Learning Projects and Schools (INEPS) connects about 50 partners from 15 countries in Europe and the US using the methods in formal and non-formal education.

The workshop will offer
– a short overview and an introduction to the curricular structure and the basic methods of PL,
– some activities to join and “test” methods of Productive Learning by yourself,
– a choice of “chances and challenges” of activity-based education to invite the participants to discuss and include own experiences,
– some results form (internal and external) evaluation according to the interests in the group.

Workshop will be led by Holger Mirow and it takes place on Wednesday April 27th at 11 am. Welcome!