Learning Scoop proudly presents:

28th INEPS – congress

“Bright Education for All”

in Tampere, Finland, 26.-29.4.201




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Tuesday 26.4.2016
19-22 Welcome event for the participants Restaurant Telakka, Tullikamarin aukio 3, Tampere (Webpage, only in Finnish). Registration has ended.



Wednesday 27.4.2016 Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Address: Kuntokatu 4, Tampere
8.15 – 9.00 Registration to the Congress
9.00 – 9.30 Opening session: Bright welcome to Tampere, Learning Scoop team
9.30-9.45 Welcome to the 28th INEPS Congress, Heike Borkenhagen, INEPS
9.45-10.45 Education in the Future – challenges and possibilities, Learning Scoop team
10.45-11.00 Break
Time Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop
11.00 – 12.30 Promoting learning the Finnish way (Finnish education system and principles behind it) / Elina Harju and Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, Learning Scoop Underlying Phenomena of Productive Learning / Aukse Petruskeviciute, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and Simona Plienaityte, Education Supply Center, Lithuania Productive Learning (PL) for newcomers / Holger Mirow, IPLE Apprenticeship as a new possibility for young people in Finland/ Petri Hänninen & Päivi Kalliokoski, Omnia With same tools: School´s homepages and electronical books/ Jouko Jokinen, Peda.net
12:30 -13:30 Lunch
13.30  – 15.00 Curriculum reform in Finland: how to develop special education and counseling in Finnish schools / Juha Lahtinen, Learning Scoop Tools for promoting psychosocial skills in education / Sabah Lamèche, Académie de Créteil, France Productive learning in vocational education and training – current results and challenges / PROVED consortium, Erasmus project Rope maker’s pedagogy in teacher education – knowledge, skills and problem solving in co-operation / Keijo Hakala HAMK (Häme University of Applied Science) Dark Café, Association of Young people with visual impairment and Youth in Action program, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

15.00-15.30 Coffee
Preparation for presentation market
15.30 –16.30 Great chance for networking! Presentation market for participants’ schools, organizations and projects
16.30-17.30 Ineps Plenary for INEPS-members, open for everybody
19-20.30 Tampere City Reception, Tampere City Hall, Keskustori 10, Tampere


Thursday 28.4.2015 Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
9.00 – 9.15 Get ready for the day!
9.15-10.15 Key Note Speech: Researcher, PhD Tomi Kiilakoski, Finnish Youth Research Network: Doormats and Glass Ceilings of Participation
10.15 –10.30 Break
Time Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop
10.30 – 12.00 Examples of activating methods in Finnish basic education (grades 1-6) – come and try! / Elina Harju and Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, Learning Scoop Activating and practical methods in vocational education and training in Vilafranca, Spain / Mercè Marcé Cumplido & Michael Kaselau, Institut d’Aprenentatge Productiu (IDAP) Competence is the key – Higher education and new guidance methods / Irmeli Lignell, HAMK (Häme University of Applied Science) GuildShools, VET-pedagogy using social media and media devices / Petri Jäminki, Tredu (Tampere Vocational College) and Jari Välkkynen, Tavastia Education Consortium Spinning Ideas in Activate Learning/ Elisangela Barbosa IFMT/TAMK and
Jamylle Rebouças Ouverney-King IFPB/TAMK, Brasil
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.30 Everybody can succeed – Flexible Basic Education in Finland: examples and experiences / Kari Rajaorko, Haaga Schoool, Helsinki and Juha Lahtinen, Learning Scoop Project “PLOUTOS” (Pedagogical Learning trough the Operation and Urging of Teams for Overcoming Social exclusion) / Angela Passa, Protasi Open workshop for discussion Team learning (TBL) in the upper secondary school – focus changes from
teaching to learning / Sanna Leinonen, Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School
Proakatemia–  higher education of the future: team work, learning by doing and entrepreneurial attitude / Maria Ruokonen, Less Miserables
14:30-15.00 Coffee
15.00 -16:00 Open space preparation
Open space groups
16.00 -17.00 Key Note Speaker Adjunct professor, Dr. Arto O. Salonen: Education and Sustainability
16.00 -17.00 Meeting with the visiting groups
Group photo


Friday 29.4.2016 Visits to different schools and projects.
Registeration has ended,
9.00 – 15.00
(Lunch in or near the visiting places)
  1. Kalkunvuori school -FULLY BOOKED-, Tampere (9-12): spaces for day care, pre-school and primary education and methods for co-operation, (School website, only in Finnish), lunch included
    Tesoma school -FULLY BOOKED-, Tampere (grades 7-9) (12-15): Individual Teaching Methods, (School website, only in Finnish)
    Kalkunvuoren koulu (klo 9-12): joustava esi- ja alkuopetus
    Tesoman koulu (luokat 7-9) (klo 12-15): Yksilöllisen oppimisen tukeminen
  2. Peltolammi school -FULLY BOOKED-, Tampere (grades 1-6) (9-12):. The promotion of physical activity among school days (School website, only in Finnish)
    Media school -FULLY BOOKED-, Tampere (classes 1-9) (12-15): Media school supports teachers and schools with media education for example by integrating school subjects with media tools.(Website)
    Peltolammin koulu (luokat 1-6 (klo 9-12)): Liikkuva koulu.
    Mediakoulu (luokat 1-9): Tampereen mediakoulu on Tampereen perusopetuksen kouluille tarjoama työtila ja mediakasvatuksen tukipalvelu. Mediakoulu tarjoaa mm. mediapajoja oppilaille.
  3. Sääksjärvi School -FULLY BOOKED-, Lempäälä, grades 0-9 and flexible basic education class (JOPO) (9-12): Flexible basic education in practice, coherent school path, Green Flag environmental education program. (School website, only in Finnish) Lunch included
    Monitoimitalo -FULLY BOOKED- , Tampere (13-15): Flexible Basic Education (JOPO) in Tampere
    Sääksjärven yhtenäiskoulu ja JOPO-luokka: JOPO-opetus, yhtenäinen koulupolku, Vihreä Lippu –koulu / ympäristökasvatus.
    Monitoimitalo, Tampere: JOPO-opiskelu Tampereella
  4. Pohjois-Hervanta school -FULLY BOOKED- , Tampere (grades 1-10) (9-12):. Utilizing Digital apps in Teaching, (School website, only in Finnish)
    Kaukajärvi school (grades 1-9) (12-15): Project Tandem – co-operation between basic education and vocational education. Lunch included. (School website, only in Finnish)
    Pohjois-Hervannan koulu (luokat 1-10) (klo 9-12): Digitaaliset sovellukset opetuksessa.
    Kaukajärven koulu (klo 12-15): Tandem-projekti – perusopetus ja ammatillinen koulutus yhteistyössä.
  5. Silta Coaching -FULLY BOOKED- (NGO working for preventing exclusion), Tampere (9-12): Voluntary additional basic education using practical methods and learning by doing
    12-13 Lunch
    Monitoimitalo -FULLY BOOKED- , Tampere (13-15): Flexible Basic Education (JOPO) in Tampere
    Silta-valmennus, Tampere
    Monitoimitalo, Tampere: JOPO-opiskelu Tampereella
  6. Ahlman Vocational College -FULLY BOOKED- . Tourist service studies, customer service in English – presentation by students. (10-12) (School website, only in Finnish). Lunch included.
    Kilta school -FULLY BOOKED- , Tampere (vocational education) (12-15). Kilta school is a pedagogical model for vocational education using social media, team working and on the job learning creatively together.
    Ahlmanin ammatti- ja aikuisopisto. Matkailupalvelujen tuottajalinja, opiskelijat esittelevät.
    Kiltakoulu, Tampere: Kiltakoulun ammatillisessa koulutuksessa yhdistetään sosiaalista mediaa, tiimityöskentelyä ja työssäoppimista opiskelussa uudella tavalla.
  7. Tampere High School of Technology and Tampere Vocational College -FULLY BOOKED- (9-11): Co-operation between the schools, companies and surrounding environment. First website and second website.
    Tampere Vocational College, Apprenticeship training -FULLY BOOKED- (12-15): The new possibilities of apprenticeship and the low threshold support for youngsters. Lunch included
    Tampereen teknillinen lukio ja Tampereen seudun ammattioppilaitos: lukio ja ammatillinen koulutus yhteistyössä.
    Tampereen seudun ammattioppilaitos, oppisopimuskoulutus: Oppisopimuskoulutuksen uudet mahdollisuudet sekä matalan kynnyksen tukipalvelut nuorille.
  8. Proacademy,Tampere (higher education, entrepreneurship) (9-11): Innovative learning community, team work and leadership, learning by doing, entrepreneurial attitude.Website.
    11-12 Lunch
    Demola, Tampere (higher education) (12.30-14.30). Innovative collaboration with work life: co-creation between universities, companies, public organizations and students.Website.
    Proakatemia, Tamk, Tampere: Yrittäjyyteen kasvaminen korkeakouluopinnoissa
    Demola, Tampere: Innovaatioyhteistyötä yliopistojen, yritysten, julkisten organisaatioiden ja opiskelijoiden yhteistyönä
    Opiskelijoiden kokemuksia
15.00-15.30 Coffee, Tamk
15.30-16.15 Reflection of the visits, Tamk
16.15-17.00 INEPS Plenary for members, open for everybody
19.00 – Farewell party. Registration has ended.

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