Forest – promoting well-being of children and adults

Nature, particularly the forest, is an important part of the early childhood education environment. The forest promotes overall well-being in both adults and children. The mind becomes peaceful and relaxes in the forest, and heart rate, blood pressure and stress are reduced. Studies indicate that positive effects occur already within

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Gender equality in basic education in Finland

  Educational equality is a key premise of Finnish basic education. But what about gender equality in schools? Are girls and boys equal? Are they treated in the same way? Is there room for gender diversity? How gender equality is seen in textbooks and other materials? The Finnish National Board

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Open Space Activity

What is Open Space method? It is a self-organizing practice of inner discipline and collective activity which releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people. By inviting people to take responsibility for what they care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, reflection and learning, bringing out the best

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